What is the venue re-entry policy?

Most events have a no re-entry policy, unless it is a free event.

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1. What is the venue policy for inclement weather?
2. Where is will call?
3. Are pets allowed?
4. What amenities does the Amphitheater offer for the disabled?
5. Is there an ATM inside the Amphitheater?
6. Does the Amphitheater sell food?
7. Does the Amphitheater sell alcohol?
8. How early should I arrive for a show?
9. How do I get to the Miramar Amphitheater?
10. Do I have to purchase a ticket for my child?
11. Once I am in the Amphitheater during an event, am I allowed to leave and come back?
12. What am I allowed to bring into the Amphitheater? What items are prohibited?
13. Where can I purchase tickets?
14. What are the hours of the Ticketmaster booth in the park?
15. Where do I park?
16. How much is event parking?
17. What is the venue re-entry policy?
18. What is the tailgating policy
19. Are credit cards accepted?
20. Are wheel chairs provided to patrons?
21. Are lawn chairs allowed?
22. If I buy a reserved seat under the canopy, do I have to bring a chair?
23. What is the refund policy?
24. How do I buy tickets on the day of event?
25. What is the smoking policy?
26. What should I do if I need first aid?
27. Where is the lost and found?