Where was the force main break located?

The Force Main break occurred on Old Miramar Parkway, adjacent to the canal located at SW 132nd Avenue.  

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1. Who can I contact if I have questions or concerns?
2. Where was the force main break located?
3. What canals were directly impacted by the force main break?
4. When did the Utilities Department notify the Florida Department of Environmental Protection of the spill?
5. What tests have been completed to date?
6. Where does the wastewater flow originate within the City?
7. Where does the flow ultimately end up?
8. What is the plan to deal with the ponds located on private properties within the general area?
9. What is the City going to do if private wells test positive?
10. Why were the rest of Country Club Ranches not notified?
11. Who owns the Gas line that runs on the City’s right-away?