Algae Blooms
This is an example of an algae bloom which changes the color of the lake from bright green to red or dark brown. This is often the direct result of pollution by fertilizers leaching from commercial and residential properties. Detergents dumped into the water bodies also contain the phosphorous that can contribute algae blooms.
No Dumping Lake with Blue Algae
Aquatic Weeds
This is an example of non-native aquatic plants. A small amount is needed for the fish to strive in the water bodies. However, when nutrients are in excess in the water, it creates an overgrowth of these non-native aquatic plants, often referred to as aquatic weeds. The plants can quickly overpower entire bodies of water, impacting fish and other wildlife. It clogs up the drainage outlets, makes the lakes unnavigable by boat and makes recreational activities difficult.
Grass Carp
The Grass Carp is a herbivorous, freshwater fish. It was introduced in the United States for aquatic weed control. Grass carps have an elongate, chubby body form that is torpedo shaped. Body color is dark olive, shading to brownish-yellow on the sides with a white belly and large slightly outlined scales. The grass carp grows very rapidly, and can attain nearly 4 feet in length and over 70 pounds. They eat up to 3 times their own body weight daily. They thrive in small lakes and backwaters that provide an abundant supply of fresh water vegetation.

Adults of the species feed exclusively on invasive aquatic plants. They feed on higher aquatic plants and submerged grasses, but may also take detritus, insects, and other invertebrates. The species was deliberately introduced into the United States in 1963 for aquatic weed control. When used for weed control, often the fish introduced to the water bodies are sterile.

Vacuum Trucks
The city uses an industrial storm sewer cleaning and vacuum truck for Storm Drainage Maintenance, Industrial Waste Cleanup, and Vacuum Excavation. The Vacuum Truck is used to clean the debris and pollutants from catch basins. The Vacuum Truck uses a combination of high pressure water jetting attached to a super sucker vacuum truck which is used to unclog the drainage systems throughout the City of Miramar.
No Dumping Vacuum Truck