Master Plan & Pattern Book

Master Plan

The Master Plan represents the City of Miramar's vision for the Miramar Town Center. It provides a guide that establishes key components and principles for its development and is the basis for the Regulating Plan and Pattern Book.

Pattern Book

The Pattern Book is also based upon the vision of the Master Plan. It regulates the architectural massing, building types, heights, facades, styles, materials, and details. The pattern book establishes the basic design guidelines that will ensure that the architecture of the individual buildings within the town center will all be in keeping with the overall vision. Also described in the Pattern Book are guidelines for open space, streets, parking, and service functions.

Regulating Plan

The Regulating Plan is based upon the approved Master Plan and serves to locate specific uses. Furthermore, it establishes the basic framework for the town center by regulating street locations, street types, building types, setbacks and “build-to” lines, parking locations, service locations, and other elements necessary for the successful implementation of the master plan. It is primarily a two dimensional document that is used in conjunction with the Pattern Book (which is used to regulate both the two dimensional and the three dimensional aspects of the Master Plan).