Transmission & Distribution Maintenance

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DSC_0096The Transmission & Distribution Division is responsible for ensuring all residents and commercial customers continue to receive uninterrupted water service by providing ongoing routine inspections and maintenance to the utility system.  

The division is responsible for maintaining and reading all water meters and backflow assemblies.

The City currently uses Advance Metering Infrastructure (AMI).  If you would like to know more about how smart meters work, click here → Smart Water Meter, What is it?

What is a Backflow Assembly?

A backflow assembly allows water to flow from the public water distribution system to each property. This should be the only way water flows. The assembly also prevents the reversal of flow from properties into the public water distribution system. This reverse flow of water is strictly prohibited.

Importance of Backflow Device?

Backflow assemblies are an essential component within our water distribution system.They protect the public water system by preventing contaminants and/or pollutants from entering the system. With this type of protection, the high-quality drinking water produced at both Water Treatment Plants within the City of Miramar is maintained and delivered to our residents and businesses.

Due to the critical importance of backflow assemblies, they are mandated by the State of Florida and the City of Miramar’s code of ordinances. Backflow assemblies are required to be tested once installed and annually thereafter to certify their effectiveness to operate as designed, that is to continue safeguarding our water system.

Attention Business Owners

Your backflow assembly is due to be tested annually in order to comply with the State of Florida Administrative Code (FAC) 62-555.360 and the City's code of ordinanceschapter 21. The City’s Utilities Department will send a letter informing owners of the due date for when devices are to be tested. Testing must be conducted through a licensed plumber or certified tester that is registered with the City of Miramar UtilitiesDepartment.

For the device to be considered compliant, ensure that the tester uploads the test report for your assembly to the City’s dedicated backflow website that can be assessed using

Attention Plumbers/Certified Backflow Testers

The City of Miramar Utilities Department has gone away from paper reports and are now fully electronic. The website for submitting backflow test reports is To access the website, you will need a username and password which should have already been provided to you by the Utilities Department. If you have not yet received your login credentials, please contact us.

The website is user-friendly, can be accessed using various devices (phones, tablets, etc.) and web browsers. This new online format requires the same pertinent information that was previously included on the paper reports but with less hassle. With the paper version, you would have to mail the completed test report and payment to the Utilities Department. However, with the online platform, the information can be entered as the test is performed at the customer’s property and submitted immediately without delays. As a progressive City, we are constantly improving our service provision and this initiative to upgrade to an electronic system supports this statement. The City of Miramar pursued this opportunity to improve our operating efficiency, so we invite you to join us in utilizing this portal for a successful transition.

For all questions or inquiries, please contact Shaun Persad at 954-883-5121 or We look forward to continue serving you.