Victim Services Unit

Photo of cracked road and flower growing out of crack. Text Images of Victim Services

The Miramar Police Department is committed to Victims Rights. We have a Victims Services Unit that is here to serve. The Victim Services Unit aids anyone who has been a victim or witness to a crime within the City of Miramar. The purpose of the unit is to assist victims in coping with the physical and psychological trauma that is often the result of crime victimization. Such services this unit provides include, but are not limited to:

  • Assistance with filing Victim Compensation forms for burial expenses, medical bills, disability due to the incident, grief counseling, loss of wages, loss of support to dependent survivors, property loss for adults over 60 years or who are disabled.
  • Crisis intervention/counseling and Emotional support to all victims, survivors, and families.
  • Relocation Assistance for domestic violence 
  • Referrals for services
  • Criminal Justice and support advocacy.
  • Assist victims with information on obtaining an injunction for protection against domestic violence or intimate partner violence.
  • Provide follow-up to all victims regarding their case investigation.
  • Provide on-scene crisis intervention and support
  • Provide training on services offered, as well as attend community meetings.
  • Community education
  • Information and Safety Planning
  • Personal Advocacy