Affordable Housing Board


  • 6 p.m.
  •  As needed
  •  Community Development Conference Room


Member At-Large Term Appt. Date
Exp. Date
Vacant Residential/Home Building Industry 3 yrs    
Vacant Banking/Mortgage Banking 3 yrs    
Vacant Labor/Home Building 3 yrs    
Vacant Advocate for Low Income persons 3 yrs
Vacant For-Profit Provider 3 yrs

Vacant Not-For-Profit Provider 3 yrs

Vacant Real Estate Professional 3 yrs

Vacant Local Planning Agency 3 yrs
Vacant Resident 3 yrs
Vacant Employer within the City 3 yrs
Essential Services Personnel 3 yrs
Commissioner Davis Elected Official 3 yrs
Reso.  20-188
9/16/20 04/23
The purpose of the Affordable Housing Board is to recommend specific strategies, initiatives, incentives and actions by the City in order to encourage or facilitate the creation of affordable housing.