"Lobbyist" means a person who is retained, with or without compensation, for the purpose of lobbying, or a person who is employed by another person or entity, on a full-time or part-time basis, principally to lobby on behalf of that other person or entity. "Lobbyist" does not include a person who is:
  1. An elected official, employee, or appointee of Broward County or of any municipality with Broward County communicating in his or her official capacity.
  2. An individual who communicates on his or her own behalf, or on behalf of a person or entity employing the individual on a full-time or part-time basis, unless the individual is principally employed by that person or entity to lobby.
  3. Any employee, officer, or board member of a homeowners' association, condominium association, or neighborhood association when addressing, in his or her capacity as an employee, officer, or board member of such association, an issue impacting the association or its members; or
  4. Any employee, an officer, or a board member of a nonprofit public interest entity (e.g., Sierra Club, NAACP, ACLU) when addressing an issue impacting a constituent of that entity.
"Covered Individual" means
  • Any member of the City Commission of the City
  • Any member of a final decision-making body under the jurisdiction of the city commission
  • Any individual directly appointed to a City employment position by the city commission
  • Any individual serving on a contractual basis as the City's chief legal counsel (i.e. City Attorney) or Chief Administrative Officer (i.e. City Manager), when such individual is acting in his or her official capacity
  • Any member of a selection, evaluation, or procurement committee of the City that ranks or makes recommendations to any final decision-making authority regarding a City procurement
  • Any employee, official, or member of a committee of the City that has authority to make a final decision regarding a public procurement
  • The head of any department, division, or office of the City government who makes final recommendations to a final decision-making authority of the City regarding items that will be decided by the final decision-making authority of the City

Registration of Lobbyist

All lobbyists shall, before engaging in any lobbying activities, register with the City Clerk and shall state under oath his or her name, business address, the name and business address of each person which has employed such registrant to lobby and the specific issue on which he or she has been employed to lobby. Separate registrations shall be required for each specific issue and for each employer. (Ordinance Number 92-40, § 3, 8-3-92)
Lobbyist Registration forms can be picked up at the Office of the City Clerk, 2300 Civic Center Place or can be downloaded online.

Filing & Disclosure of Annual Expenditures

Commencing on January 1, 1993, and on January one of each year thereafter, all lobbyists registered pursuant to this article shall submit to the City Clerk a signed statement under oath listing all lobbying expenditures for the preceding calendar year. A statement shall be filed even if there have been no expenditures during the reporting period. Annual statements shall be required until such time as the lobbyist files a notice of withdrawal of lobbying activities with the City Clerk.

Penalties for Violation - Cumulative in Nature

Whenever a violation of this article exists, the City Commission may publicly reprimand, censure, and/or prohibit such lobbyist from lobbying before the agency for a period of up to but not to exceed 2 years.

The penalties provided herein are cumulative in nature. Nothing contained in this article shall prevent the agency from pursuing any other remedies available to the agency under the agency's code and/or state law for the enforcement of its ordinances.

Public Records

All registration forms and annual disclosure statements required by this article shall be public records subject to inspection and examination as provided for in F.S. Section 119.07.

Lobbyist Registration Fee

An annual lobbyist registration fee in the amount of $100 for each lobbyist shall be paid to the City Clerk at the time the lobbyist files a registration form.