Building Maintenance

The Mission of the Building Maintenance Division is to provide ongoing quality maintenance of city’s facilities by integrating preventative maintenance, active problem solving response, and project improvement; applying all Principles of our sustainable and environmental strategic program in a cost-efficient manner to satisfy the best interest of the facilities users and occupants.

The Building Maintenance Division is responsible to ensure the optimal operations of over 590,154 square feet of all city-owned facilities. We perform skilled work in the preventive maintenance, repair, and renovations of Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, and Electrical trades.

Work Process
The Building Maintenance Team Members are trained to inspect and identify the problem, do an analysis, develop and work in the solution of small and complex projects, following a practical system to accomplish our Mission, starting with recording the preventive or occurrence task, scheduling, inspection, procurement process, site work, completing the work order to result in customer satisfaction.

Contractual Services
General operational services and specific projects require the use of external services to help our team to accomplish its mission. Building Maintenance welcomes and gives a fair opportunity to any contractor that may be interested in providing services in our Maintenance, Renovation and Improvement program.

Potential Contractors may participate in project opportunities by contacting the Procurement Department at 954-602-3053.