By definition, “revitalize” means to give new life or vitality to something.

The city’s revitalization efforts reflect this, ranging from housing programs to business assistance to social services, redevelopment initiatives, and public infrastructure improvements. Combined, these are bringing positive change and results.
Publix Building and Parking Lot
Programs & Projects
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  • Commercial Rehabilitation Program: This program provides financial assistance to commercial property owners in historic Miramar to renovate their buildings and make related property improvements. There are several completed projects and more on the way. For more information please see the program application.
  • Snake Warrior Park: This county owned facility is a preserved nature area with passive recreational amenities. It is unique among the city’s recreation facilities and is particularly important open space for historic Miramar, because of the limited opportunities to provide new parks. For more information please see Miramar parks. Publix Shopping Center Renovation
  • Publix Shopping Center Renovation: Publix initiated a major façade renovation of its shopping center building in historic Miramar. In addition to new building architectural features and new colors, the parking lot was upgraded with new landscaping and lighting. Its location next to the previously redeveloped Wachovia/Walgreens property continues the revitalization of the area.
  • Parkland Acquisition: In 2007 the city purchased a 0.25 acre property in historic Miramar near the corner of Southwest 19th Street and State Road 7 for a future park. Due to the lack of park and recreation space in this part of the city and the limited availability of property, this acquisition is a significant achievement and supports continuing revitalization efforts.
  • Sewer, Water, and Drainage Improvements: The city recently completed a multi-million dollar infrastructure program that provided water, sewer and drainage improvements for the areas near State Road 7/U.S. 441, the city’s east boundary. This investment benefits both the existing businesses and residents and the longer term prospects for redevelopment. For more details, please see the Utilities Department section of the website.
  • Streetscape Improvements: The city’s programmed Miramar Parkway Streetscape improvement project extends from State Road 7/U.S. 441 west to 64th Avenue. This important entryway into the city will be upgraded with new sidewalks, landscaping and irrigation, and pedestrian lighting.