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In Celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month

Celebrating Cuban Art Expressions 

In Celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, the Miramar Cultural Center in collaboration with Roselle Gallery presents the exhibition ¨Celebrating Cuban Art Expressions.¨

The exhibition brings together works by five contemporary Cuban artists, Alicia de la Campa Pak, Arturo Montoto, Esteban Machado Díaz, Miguel Ángel Couret and Sinecio Cuétara Menecia who explore various aspects of Cuban identity, culture and history through their paintings.

Roselle Gallery has selected works that reflect the diversity and richness of contemporary Cuban art, as well as its connection to the roots and traditions of an island that has left a permanent mark on South Florida.  The works of the great master Esteban Machado Díaz from his collection "Frida, a Caribbean dream" stand out in this exhibition, which pays tribute to the figure of Frida Kahlo through a philosophical language, where the landscape and figures blend two cultures with a longstanding cultural exchange.

 Celebrating Cuban Art Expressions is a unique opportunity to appreciate and immerse yourself in vibrant Cuban artistic expressions that portray the depth of the island's rich historical culture, which for decades was known as the "pearl of the Caribbean" and has long since ceased to show the world their spirit, optimism and artistic voice.


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Hispanic Heritage Month.