Historic Miramar Drainage Project

drainage issuesThe Historic Miramar Drainage Infrastructure Improvements Project is aimed at upgrading and improving the existing drainage infrastructure in the Historic Miramar, to alleviate flooding, and supports the City’s goal of enhancing the level of service for residents within the service area. The Project is programmed in six (6) phases of which 1 to 3 have been completed and the construction of phase 4 is scheduled to begin in December 2022.

The scope of work includes, but is not limited to:

  • Providing all labor, materials, machinery, tools, equipment and incidentals, as necessary for the construction of the various improvements within the Historic Miramar Infrastructure Improvements Project - Phase IV.  
  • The installation of exfiltration trench, storm sewer piping, storm structures, selected driveway apron replacement, sections of sidewalk replacement, sectional  milling and resurfacing, water and sanitary sewer deflections, watermain construction, pervious pavement, pavement patching, pavement marking, swale reconstruction, irrigation system repair, sod restoration, coordination with existing utilities, and additional right-of-way restoration. 
  • Work will also include systematic replacement of existing asbestos pipes with PVC pipes to update the water system as an incidental activity to the drainage works. 
  • Construction management services to include public relations outreach, and inspection during construction will be provided.

Engineering Consultant - Craven Thompson and Associates
Construction Contractor – Man-Con Inc
Public Outreach Contact  - Dickey Consulting Services
Hotline number is 877-891-0652
e-mail: info@dickeyinc.com


Drainage Project Update
Drainage Exhibit
Typical Swale Regrading
Regrading to Restore Swales
Typical Cross Section at Driveway Apron
Drainage Project Community Meeting