Miramar Town Center

Miramar Town Center is a vibrant mixed-use development that serves as the City’s “downtown” and has propelled the City forward in its vision to provide a true town center for its citizenry and become a self-contained community.  Miramar Town Center is conveniently located in the center of the City, north of Miramar Parkway between Red Road, Hiatus Road, and Miramar Boulevard. 

Mixed-Use Program

The 54-acre mixed use project houses a City Hall, public library, cultural center-arts park and educational center in the civic complex area. In addition, the project contains retail, office and residential components. A state-of-the-art police headquarters facility was recently completed for the site, further adding to the dynamic mix of civic and private uses at Town Center. All of these uses are located in a picturesque park-like setting with waterfront views. 


The Miramar Town Center is designed as an idyllic traditional downtown with pedestrian oriented streets, beautiful Mediterranean style architecture, main street storefronts and waterfront views as found in the best historic towns of Florida. The Town Center allows for a gracious lifestyle where work, play, services and entertainment are within walking distance. It is also the gathering place for the citizens of Miramar to celebrate the milestones and rich culture of our City.