Windows to Our World


The Miramar Cultural Center ǀ ArtsPark’s (MCC) botanical garden’s public art exhibits have grown to include murals entitled ‘Windows To Our World’.  As the cultural facility of a diverse community, programming inclusive of art exhibits seeks to provoke, provide insight, educate and entertain guests in what having the ARTS as a LIFESTYLE component is, when choosing to LIVE, WORK or PLAY in the City of Miramar. ‘

Windows To Our World’ utilizes the building’s architectural cathedral indentations shaped like windows to open guests to several themes - Hispanic Heritage, Black History, Earth Month and Caribbean Heritage.  These themes will continue work already being designed for programming of the facility’s Ansin Family Art Gallery.  More intuitively, their perfect framing provides artists with the ability to utilize the building as a CANVAS when interpreting their work both literally and figuratively.  Artists are afforded the unique opportunity to teach the arts through their window; by painting an introspective piece or one in which evokes important components of the theme in the world.  

2020 – 2021 Mural Artists:

Hispanic Heritage Artist: Ivan Roque

‘Ivan’s work reflects his Hispanic heritage with natural compositions and color selection’.  

Artist statement: "Memories of Home" painted for the @miramarcultural@cityofmiramar in celebration of Hispanic Heritage month.  Here you can see I depicted the Cuban finch aka "el tomeguin", a common pet staple in Cuban American households, a representation of nostalgia and the spirit of the homeland. The flower is the mariposa flower and the background an abstracted form of the Cuban flag. 



Black History Artist: Jenny Perez

‘Jenny’s work carries a real sense of energy and excitement with lively expressionistic figures that are beautiful and playful’. 

Artist statement:  To know black history is to know generations of royalty.  An evolution of stories, all connecting to one source.  We find ourselves here and now, in New times, times that will change the old narratives and reveal more truth for the generations to follow. “New Times” 2020.




Earth Month Artist: Jose Felix Perez

‘Jose’s richly textured murals of vegetation are colorful and loaded with gorgeous organic patterns’.

Artist statement:  “Beneath the Branches and Leaves”.  Take a pause beneath the branches and leaves.  Embrace a moment of calm, an appreciation of the landscape that surrounds us here in South Florida.  Beyond the palm trees are the Seagrapes, which stabilize our sand dunes and, along with Florida mangroves, maintain the very shape of our beaches while providing a habitat and refuge for wildlife.  With this work, the viewer is placed directly under a Seagrape tree, looking up & through it, closely examining, caught in the clasp, mirroring the mood that already exists at the Miramar Cultural Center Garden - a place of peace.



Caribbean Heritage Artist: Nate Dee

‘Nate’s work combines figures, animals and nature.  It is very thought-provoking and is influenced by his Haitian heritage’. 

Artist statement:  The title of the mural is "Out of Many...One".  The artwork's title is a nod to the Jamaican motto..."Out of Many, One People"... this motto can be applied to the entire Caribbean, with many island nations all having their own individual and unique cultures that arguably have just as much in common as their celebrated differences.  This piece contains signature elements that represent Haiti, Jamaica, The Bahamas, Trinidad and Tobago, and many other island nations in celebration of Miramar's Caribbean heritage as a whole.