Water Raw Main - Huntington Wellfield

This project is to design, permit and construct a new raw water main from the Huntington Wellfield to the West Water Treatment Facility and install the required equipment to activate the existing well (new pump, piping, controls, etc.). Project includes approx. 7,500 LF of 16"raw water main and will offer the City a new raw water supply to provide redundancies in the water supply system and ultimately serve as additional capacity within the water supply system.  

March 2020 - Project on hold.

February 2020 - Project on hold.

January 2020 - Project on hold.

December 2019 - Project on hold.

November 2019 - Project on hold.

October 2019 - Project on hold.

September 2019 - Project on hold.

August 2019 - The Basis of Design Report has been submitted and accepted. The project will be terminated and any unused funding will be used to fund the Sustainable Renewable Energy and Conservation Initiatives. This project will look at ways of improving the treatment plant’s energy efficiency and implement energy conservation efforts.

July 2019 - staff is currently reviewing the basis of design.  

June 2019 - Ecological survey is being developed on Biscayne well %6

May 2019 - Staff met with CPH on 4/30/2019 and resolved the unfinished work issue. CPH was authorized to conduct the route survey for the raw water line. No update on the field survey.

April 2019 - Agenda item has been rescheduled. Commission date TBD. Staff has scheduled a meeting with CPH to discuss the BODR.

March 2019 - Agenda item prepared for Phases 2 to 5 to go to commission 4/3/2019.Task 1 amendment is being routed for signatures.  

February 2019 - Well redevelopment was advertised and the requisition is in progress. Met with consultant about scope of work Phases 2 & 3. Preparing agenda item for either 3/20/19 or 4/3/19. 

January 2019 - Consultant completing surveying for existing conditions and ecological impact study. Between 30 and 60% complete. 

December 2018 - 30% design documents submitted and reviewed. Updated schedule provided. 

November 2018 - Well redevelopment task removed from the Engineer's scope and will be completed independently. Staff requested an updated schedule. 

October 2018 - Data has been provided to consultant. Staff requested an updated schedule.