Garage Sale Permit

The City of Miramar desires to assist in a successful garage sale. We are listing some
guidelines for your use.

  • A garage sale is defined as, “any sale of used merchandise owned by the person conducting the sale or his/her immediate family.” All items for the sale must be displayed in a garage, carport or roofed porch (if applicable), or yard.
  • You are required to obtain a Garage Sale permit from the Miramar Building Division, at a cost of $10 (cash only). 
  • You are permitted to have 1 garage sale in each 6 month period. The sale may not exceed 3 consecutive days.
  • Any person hosting a garage sale is permitted only 1 sign to advertise your sale. The sign shall be posted on your property. You are not permitted to post garage sale signs anywhere else in the city. Signs of this nature are not allowed on any public median or roadway. Please post your permit in front of your home during the sale to prevent Code Compliance and Police personnel from requesting to see your permit.