The welfare and safety of our employees are very important to us, and to guard it, the City tries to identify and eliminate employee exposures to avoidable hazards and conditions that can lead to injury, illness or accidents. Safety is everybody's job, and all employees are encouraged to remain alert and correct hazardous conditions and unsafe acts – if it is safe to do so – and/or report them to their supervisors.

City of Miramar’s goal is to provide a safe work environment by:

  • Encouraging employees to be proactive in Safety.
  • Encourage employees to report unsafe conditions.
  • Encourage employees to make safety related suggestions

City employees can also report unsafe or unhealthy conditions anonymously by calling 954-602-3835 and leaving a message. Callers should provide as much detail as possible about the concern they are addressing, including the department and location. In addition, employees can drop a written description of any safety concern in the secure Human Resources official mail area. The description of the issue should be as complete as possible. This mailbox is checked, and the messages are retrieved and reviewed daily.