Marketing Department 

The Marketing Department focuses on enhancing and implementing city-wide branding strategies, image development, communications and public information for all media outlets.  With this standardized and centralized information portal, communication, marketing and promotions, this program optimizes the City's media capital and identifies additional resources to position the City for tourism, business attraction and business retention.  

The Marketing Department serves as a centralized information portal for the public and employees by developing and implementing public information strategies as well as coordinating internal communications. 

Responsibilities include the following:

  • Assisting the City's departments with public information campaigns and marketing initiatives;
  • Drafting, designing and distributing all print and electronic materials including brochures, pamphlets and fliers, to foster  public information strategies of all City departments;  
  • Developing and distributing press releases about City activities, programs and news to the media;
  • Responding to all media inquiries regarding City programs, events, etc,;
  • Developing and distributing the City's newsletter, Miramar Today, a weekly e-newsletter about City programs, services, events, activities and city issues;
  • Developing and distributing the City's e-magazine, City Beat, a monthly e-magazine about City programs, services, events, activities and city issues;
  • Developing and managing postings on the City's social media accounts;
  • Managing content on Miramar TV, the City's on demand video library and cable-access channel;
  • Creating content on the back of the City of Miramar's utility bill statements and fliers inserted in the utility bills;
  • Developing, producing and placing advertising including broadcast and print advertisements in publications and venues;
  • Maintaining the It's Right Here In Miramar web radio station, to provide residents and visitors with public service announcements and up-to-date information about Commission Updates, weather, special events and more. There are also 2 live shows weekly that feature Miramar businesses and residents. The City's web radiostation broadcasts 24 hours a day on TuneIn Radio.